♪ That’s all they really want
Some fun
When the working day is done
Oh ds106-ers, they wanna have fun
Oh ds106-ers just wanna have fun ( ds106-ers , they wanna, wanna have fun, ds106-ers wanna have) ♪

Cyndi ‘Melody’ Lauper

This week, we tuned in to Ds106 Radio radio shows, we came up with project ideas, we revised 2 works, and we connected our Daily Creates into one hyperlinked story! This week was also made to be “light” in order to focus on project ideas (I disagree; every week feels like too much when you’re juggling a lot of classes @~@;;).

Radio Listen

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week we listened in to ‘Back to the 80’s,’ ‘Riding the Radio Waves,’ ‘Tubular Tunes,’ ’80’s Television Power Half-Hour,’ and ‘80’s Brain Cells You Forgot About‘ (plus the radio show from Kansas). We also did a live-tweet along and gave feedback on the sounds, music, and dialogue that we heard.

I decided to write about the first show of the week, ‘Back to the 80’s,’ but I highlighted things from all the shows since everyone did a fantastic job! I also reflected on what it was like to listen to my own group’s show, ‘80’s Television Power Half-Hour.’ I was excited to hear what everyone had to say, and it was great to get so much positive feedback. I was happy with how our show turned out, and glad to know that there are so many Golden Girls fans out there!


Featured Tweet:

Project Ideas

I struggled in coming up with project ideas, but I ended up with a rough list of ideas that reflect our 80’s theme. I always think it’s easier to come up with an idea when you have a general idea of the format already (i.e., for the radio show, we listened to the example, ‘Moon Graffiti’), but I wasn’t sure what the final projects would entail, so I really didn’t know what to write down. I suspect that I’ll change my mind about my list once I find out more.


Revisited Work

I started off the week with revisiting some work! I chose to re-do my billboard from my post, ‘PSA: We are all Animals,’ and my collage from my post, ‘TAKE ME ON (To The Party).’ For my first rework, I chose to re-do the billboard assignment because I wasn’t happy with how busy my first design turned out. I liked my concept, but I thought that the execution could have been better. This was my chance to take another stab at it, so for my re-do, I focused on coming up with a design that would look good on a billboard and actually be readable from a distance. I decided on a simple design and humorous pun to get my message across. My new work is the post, ‘YOU BETTER (RE)WORK: Part 1.’

For my second re-do, I decided to come up with another design for my party collage. I had a lot of fun the first time in playing around with filters, colors, and shapes, so naturally, I wanted to experiment with the design again! Also, the first design was originally for a visual assignment, and so the album cover design was just an afterthought. For my re-do, I wanted to focus on the design part of it to create some truly radical album art! I think I achieved a pretty rad design and even got a couple of positive comments. This project was so successful, (and fun), that I decided to create a brand new assignment for it in the Design Category for anyone else who wants to make their own Rad Album Art From Photos!


Featured Design:


New Design Assignment: Create Rad Album Art From Photos

Featured Design:

Community Building

There were a lot of great connected stories and re-do’s from Ds106-er’s this week! I liked the story from DIGITAL STUDIES 106; it was a relateable story that really hooks you in! The word choice and tone of the story made it believable and I thought that the tie ins to the daily creates were great. I also liked this person’s re-do of Martha’s hat. They combined the hat assignment with the cipher assignment, and it resulted in a really cool GIF! I also liked the re-do from THOUGHTS FROM BRIAN. They were able to utilize angle and perspective to make a small object seem large. Finally, I liked Mental Walkabout’s REMIX! Same Same But Different. His audio is always funny, and I enjoyed his bumper and tongue-twister re-do’s.

Commented on:

DIGITAL STUDIES 106: A story using my daily creates
DIGITAL STUDIES 106: Re-Visiting Martha’s Hat

Connected Daily Creates

I love a good twist on an existing assignment, and this week we twisted and turned by creating a connected story out of our Daily Creates! This was probably my favorite task this week; I enjoy writing and I couldn’t wait to tie all of my Daily’s together into one story. I came up with a story about an old woman who has a conversation with no one and even plays a game to pass the time. I connected 6 daily creates into my story, and I think they all work pretty well together. You can read my short story in my post, ‘A CONNECTED STORY: The Hermit and no one:’

Post: A CONNECTED STORY: The Hermit and no one

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That’s it for week 9! Stay tuned for week 10.

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