♪ Thank you for being a friend
Travel down the road and back again
Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant

And if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
and the card attached would say,
thank you for being a friend ♪

 Cynthia Fee

Turn on and turn up the radio this week for Ds106 Radio Presents: The 80’s Television Power Half-Hour! Tune in to hear bumpers, commercials, and show analyses on ‘Full House,’ ‘Miami Vice,’ ‘ALF,’ ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ and ‘The Golden Girls.’ Let’s see the breakdown for this week (and last week):

Week 7

Last time, on Dragon Ball Z- I mean, er, last time I made a design promo, a bumper, and a commercial for my group’s radio show. I already talked about the process for these assignments last week, so I’ll just post the links to those posts here:

Previous Radio Show Work from Week 7:

Post: 80’s POWER DESIGN: A Radio Show Project



Week 8

This week, I made an analysis for my chosen show, ‘The Golden Girls.’ I found this to be a challenging project because:

1) I didn’t remember any of the episodes, since the last time I watched the show was many years ago.
2) I wasn’t sure how to go about analyzing a TV show. It’s outside the norm of say, a book or article analysis.
3) I thought I’d have trouble filling up 5-7 minutes, but actually, I had trouble trimming everything down to only 7 minutes. I had way more fun facts in my original spiel that I had to cut out. And I still think that my segment is a little too long.

So how to analyze ‘The Golden Girls?’ By watching some TV of course! I watched about 5 episodes of the first season, although I decided to only talk about the pilot episode to narrow my focus. I also researched facts about the show, as well as talking points for the analysis itself. I came up with a rough draft of information about the show, such as, where does the show take place, what’s the plot about, who are the cast members, etc., and then I refined the draft of information into a script. I then recorded myself narrating the script, all the while editing and scrapping sentences as I went. I realized that certain sentences sound unnatural when you say them out loud, even though they sound perfectly natural when you say them in your head.

I then brought my recording in to Audacity where I could mix it with sounds from the show. I took audio from the first episode and cut out the parts that I knew I wanted to use that pertained to my speech. I used the theme song and the show’s transitional music at the beginning and end of my speech, and I used the show’s dialogue in the middle. I edited out a bunch of content, but my audio was still too long, so I used the ‘change speed’ effect to speed up my segment so that it didn’t go over 7 minutes. (Added bonus- the effect probably helped keep my segment from being flagged by the copyright police).

All in all, I had a lot of fun talking about this great show, even if I didn’t get to say all of my fun facts in my analysis. But that’s OK, because I can say them right here! I know you’re all clamoring for ‘The Golden Girls’ fun facts, so here you go:

Fun Facts that you didn’t know about ‘The Golden Girls:’

1) It took the makeup department 45 minutes to get Estelle Getty (Sophia) to look older than Dorothy. That’s every episode.
2) Speaking of Getty, she had terrible stage fright and would often freeze during tapings. This was mostly due to her feeling less experienced than her co-stars.
3) The part of Dorothy was written with Bea Arthur in mind, but she wasn’t the producers’ first choice due to her low ‘Q’ rating. Luckily, Rue McClanahan (Blanche) urged her to pursue the part. Can you imagine anyone else playing Dorothy? It almost happened.
4) McClanahan had a clause in her contract giving her the right to keep all of the clothes made for her character. She reportedly had 13 closets full of clothes from the show. That’s just smart.
5) The original plot of the show had a butler named Coco. He only appears in the first episode.
6) The Queen of England was reportedly a big fan of the show. The cast was invited to perform at a London Variety show with the Queen in attendance.

Week 8 Analysis: ‘The Golden Girls’:

I had fun collaborating with my group about what topic to do, and I’m glad we decided on 80’s TV shows. We all decided on doing a review series, but we weren’t sure what to call it. I then came up with the title, ’80’s Television Power Half-Hour,’ because it’s a sentence that just rolls off the tongue (a very important detail for someone who constantly trips over her own tongue)!

Once I had my analysis, bumper, and commercial all set for my group’s radio show, I posted them in Google Docs so that group member Kollin could add them to the mix. He did a great job stitching all the work together and using transitional elements in-between audio segments.

Have a listen to our radio show!:

80’s Television Power Half-Hour:

Will Blanche marry her 1 week boyfriend, Harry? Will ALF actually make a comeback to TV? Will the earth be saved from Freeza’s threatening grip? Find out next time on 80’s Television Power Half-Hour!

Radio Show Update 2

Edit: Oops, I almost forgot to post about our group progress! Here’s the breakdown of our collaboration via Google Docs, as seen in my post, ‘RADIO SHOW UPDATE 2:’


Community Building

Groups were ultra focused on finishing up their radio shows this week, so there weren’t too many individual assignments to comment on. I did enjoy seeing everyone’s progress though, and I commiserated with a few peoples’ frustration in getting technology to cooperate! I also enjoyed seeing Kuri’s posts about her sketches. I don’t think they were for any specific Ds106 assignment, but nontheless, they were really cool to see. Sometimes it’s nice to just see art for the sake of art.

Commented on:

Mariam Ahmed: Radio Weeks Done
LIFE THROUGH THE 80’S TODAY: Radio show week 2
GRACE’S BLOG: Radio Show Progress
Kuri Benitez: Original Characters

Daily Creates

I traveled down the road and back again doing this week’s daily creates! My highlighted daily create this week is of course a coloring book page from, ‘The Golden Girls!’ I couldn’t resist the opportunity to plug my segment of 80’s Television Power Half-Hour. Coloring is such a cathartic activity, and I wish I had more time to do it more often. And as an added bonus, coloring out in public tends to attract curious onlookers. That usually wouldn’t be considered a bonus due to social anxiety, but it always feels nice when people notice your work.

See all of my daily creates in my post, ‘DAILY CREATE: Week 8:’

Post: DAILY CREATE: Week 8
(Hey, that rhymes)

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