The Airwaves of TV Via Radio

♪ through the airwaves of Radio-
people never read the airwaves of TV
do we only feed the airwaves of TV
I really should have seen through the airwaves of TV ♪

Thomas ‘Melody’ Dolby

This week, we kicked off the Ds106 Radio group project! During this first week, we joined and organized groups, came up with show ideas, and created design promos for our show. The toughest part about this week was just getting a group together and then coming up with an idea that 6 people could run with! My group decided on the idea of analyzing TV shows. Our radio show is called, “80’s Television Power Half-Hour,” and will highlight our group’s favorite 80’s shows.

Radio Show Progress

The week started off a little rocky with trying to get people to join my group, but group member Kollin successfully recruited more members and got our group organized through the app GroupMe. We all made progress in deciding on a show topic and we all spent the week making promos for the show. I created a flyer and bumper specific to my group’s show, and I made a commercial promoting Reclaim Video.


Radio Show Design Project

For this design project, I wanted to create a flyer promo for our radio show. I had the idea to use tube TV’s in the design from Kollin’s promo poster, where he layered our show’s title over a TV set. I found a ‘wall of TV’s’ image and turned it into a pattern that I could then use as a background. I then found images of characters from 80’s TV shows and layered them on top of each to make a collage. I added additional design elements and put text over top. (I personally like how The Greatest American Hero is reaching out towards the text and has a spotlight that further draws the eye towards the text).

Post: 80’s POWER DESIGN: A Radio Show Project

Featured Design:

Audio Assignments

I did 4 Audio Assignments this week: two 2 stars, one three star, and one 4 star assignment to equal 11 stars! My favorite audio assignment ended up being the one where I had to create a commercial (even though I hate commercials). It was a challenging task to promote a business that already exists, and I had to be sure to include pertinent information. This meant doing a lot of research so that I understood the company that I was promoting (especially since I am not familiar with Reclaim Video). I was a little thrown back by the many variations on this particular assignment, however, and I think that either some of them should be combined, or else the stars should be re-assigned, because it’s all the same task.

Here are all of my audio assignments for the week:

Audio Assignment #4


Stars: ★ ★

From Assignment: Sounds Effects

Featured Audio: gateOpenClose.wav

Audio Assignment #3


Stars: ★ ★ ★ ★

From Assignment: Create A Ds106 Radio Bumper

Featured Audio:

Audio Assignment #2


Stars: ★ ★ ★

From Assignment: Make Your Own Radio Commercial!

Featured Audio:

Audio Assignment #1

Post: 80’s THEME SONGS: Name that tune!

Stars: ★ ★

From Assignment: Humming Away

Featured Audio:

Community Building

There were a lot of tubular sounds and designs this week from groups as everyone started making promos for their shows! One of my favorite logos was the one that Tom Foolery made for his group, ‘Tubular Tune & DS106 Antics’ in his post, Radio Design. I like how he used the alliteration of his group’s name and came up with a logo that played on the double ‘T.’ And one of my favorite radio commercials was the one from Mental Walkabout’s Are You a Cool Kid? where he advertises a Walkman. He used humor to promote his chosen product, which I think was very effective. I only wish that I could comment directly on Tom and Mental Walkabout’s blogs!

Here are some other posts that inspired me this week:

Commented on:

Lauren Perez: The sound of cut grass on campus
A Little DS106 Blog: Promo Radio!
Mariam Ahmed: Guess that Movie
Blue Butterball: Jelly Shoes Radio Commercial

Daily Creates

I can’t think of an image for Aphantasia! My favorite daily create this week was the task of looking up a word and drawing a visual representation of that word. I chose the word: Aphantasia, which is the inability to form a mental image. I received a lot of ‘likes’ on this tweet from the Aphantasia community, which opened my eyes to the fact that so many people suffer from this affliction that I had never heard of before.

See all of this week’s daily’s in my post, ‘DAILY CREATE: Week 7:’

Post: DAILY CREATE: Week 7

Featured Image:

Stay tuned for next week’s radio show: 80’s Television Power Half-Hour!

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