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This week, our photography skills were put to the test as we did 12 stars worth of visual assignments, a photoblitz, a photo analysis, and a photo reflection. Phew! That’s a lot of photo taking. I think I’ll be gone in a day or two to decompress.

Photo Reflection:

I kicked things off by reflecting on my current/previous experience with photography in my post, ‘GOTTA GET THAT, THAT THAT (Picture).’ I do have previous experience in photo taking from my time at George Mason, where I learned all about rule-of-thirds, foreground/background, lighting, etc. We also delved into the history of photography, where I learned about photographers and their famous photos such as Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother.” I hadn’t seen the TED Talk, ‘How photography connects us,’ but I had previously heard the story about the one photographer and the leopard seals (still incredible to hear a second time around). These kinds of examples show just how powerful photography can be.


Featured Image:

Photo Analysis:

Time to think in-depth about photography! After reading, Becoming a Better Photographer, I thought about how I can improve my photo-taking. Perspective, contrast, angles, balance, depth, and lighting are all ideas that photographers should have in their wheelhouse. My favorite idea though is to pick your moment. I always try to capture the moment. These ‘moment’ photos are the ones that have the strongest narratives. They evoke a feeling, a memory, a reaction. The iconic photo of Freddie Mercury on stage is one such image with a powerful story behind it. I reflected on this photo and more in my post, ‘EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY.’


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It’s It’s a Photo Blitz! I did my first photoblitz where I frantically snapped photos of objects on my designated list. Within 20 minutes, I captured a fence, glasses, rocks, a moment of walking around, a monochrome photo, the visual representation of sound, and the emotion, ‘envy.’ This was a challenging assignment as it was timed, and I had to think fast. I think the hardest item to capture was, ‘envy,’ (how do you capture envy)? but I came up with the pretty good solution of taking pictures of my art supplies. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to become envious of other artists!


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Visual Assignments:

I did 4 Visual Assignments this week: Two 3 ½ stars, one 2 star, and one 3 star assignments to equal 12 stars total. The Visual assignments I chose for this week were, ‘Splash The Color,’ ‘Unsuspecting Friends,’ ‘Glitch Art,’ and ‘GIF Animate Your Day Like Ben.’ I think that the most challenging assignment from this list was the one with the least amount of stars- ‘Unsuspecting Friends.’ The original task for this assignment was just to take pictures of friends while they are caught unawares and make a collage out of the photos. I decided to take this a step further though and turn the collage into some rad 80’s album art- neon colors and all. I enjoyed experimenting with lines and angles, as well as artistic filters and erasures. ‘Glitch Art’ was another fun assignment because my phone just so happened to create a real glitch. I used this to my advantage and turned it into an 80’s VHS glitch! I never would have thought that glitches could be art.

Visual Assignment #4


Stars: ★ ★ ★ ½

From Assignment: Splash The Color

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Visual Assignment #3

Post: TAKE ME ON (To The Party)

Stars: ★ ★

From Assignment: Unsuspecting Friends

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Visual Assignment #2


Stars: ★ ★ ★

From Assignment: Glitch Art

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Visual Assignment #1


Stars: ★ ★ ★ ½

From Assignment: GIF Animate Your Day Like Ben

Featured Image:

Community Building:

Ds106-ers brought out photos of their pets this week, and my icy heart melted! I loved Blue Butterball’s dog Sushi! I also gushed over the adorable photos of Hinoiri’s cat Kingsley, Maddie’s dogs Mojo, Murdock, and Max, Mariam Ahmed’s friend’s cat Wawa, and Danielle Erika’s cats, Ashlyn, Kylie, and Addison in her post, I love my pets. (I wasn’t able to comment on that last post. I don’t think comments are turned on for everyone. But I would have said that they are adorable)!

I was also inspired by MEGGS AND BACON’s post, ‘A Little Splash of Color.’ I think she did a great job isolating the colors from the black and white background (and I love the angle of the photo). Additionally, I liked MORGAN NEBEL’s post, ‘Memories through Photos,’ because it was a great example of how a photo can tell a story.

To sum up- I love everyone’s pets! Here’s my comment breakdown:

Commented on:

A Little DS106 Blog: A Quick Collage of my King
Blue Butterball: My Dog Sushi
Calm Down: Make My Day
MEGGS AND BACON: A Little Splash of Color
MORGAN NEBEL: Memories through Photos
Mariam Ahmed: Wawa!

Daily Creates

I had fun with this week’s Daily’s, as I explored the GIF making process, came up with a delicious-sounding 80’s themed drink, and thought about what trend I would start at school if I had the power to start trends. I’m not a very trendy person, but I hope that I’m at least a little influential in my blogging skills! I have experience in the wide world of typography, design, and visual media, and I’m always happy to share a few wise words and/or Adobe CC tips with my fellow ds106-ers!

Post: DAILY CREATE: Week 4

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And away I go!

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