♪ Campus walk is lined with students
Students who want to move, move, move
How could all these students have so much to prove, prove, prove
Oh I can only ask myself
Oh where are you all going
And won’t you take me with you to
Where all the majors are declaring
Uptight downtown ♪

La ‘Melody’ Roux

This is it! The FINAL weekly Summary! It’s been a fun 14 weeks (15 if you count Thanksgiving break), but it’s now time for winter break and much needed zzz’s. Someone else said this in their summary, and I want to echo the sentiment- this class was more work than all of my other courses combined (and I take computer science classes, so that really says something)! Although, I remember staying up many a late night back when I was an art major, and definitely when I studied design, so I suppose the work load for this class was on par for the course. (Artists/Designers don’t sleep, haha).

Final Project

I had so much fun creating this final project, but it was an incredible amount of work! I worked on it up until the last day, because the process of editing my video was so time consuming. I started this project with only a vague idea of doing a music video, but even I didn’t know how it would evolve into the interconnected remix story that it is. I’m proud of what I achieved and I’m excited to share it with the class.

As for my process, I started with researching modern music artists who have done songs that have an 80’s sound to them. I decided on La Roux, because I think she fits the bill the best. All of her songs and music videos are 80’s inspired! That, and I’m a fan of her song, ‘Bulletproof.’ I didn’t want to remix ‘Bulletproof though, because I wanted a song a little less mainstream. So instead, I went with one of her lesser known songs (I’m guessing lesser known- I live under a rock when it comes to pop culture), ‘Uptight Downtown,’ for which there was no official music video to compete with. I also thought that the lyrics were ideal for aesthetic reasons; city, temperature, shoes, etc. were all things I could easily visualize and include in my video.

It was tough to work with this song though, because it was new to me! I had to learn it in order to lip-sync to it, which meant listening to it until I was sick of it, haha (I watched a lyric video to help with that). Once I was confident that I could sing to it, I set up my filming space (which is my basement). The setting up of my space, getting my tripod to sit just right, and getting into character (wigs take awhile to put on when you have long hair) probably took longer than the actual filming! I like how ’80’s Melody’ turned out though; I’m glad I had some 80’s accessories in my closet.

I found my tripod! It took me 2 hours to find where I had put it.

It was then time to film! I used my phone to shoot my video (I tied it to the tripod) because I don’t like using DSLR’s for reasons that would take up another post. I also opted not to use the green screen at school because I had the idea of filming while walking on a treadmill (I’ve wanted to do an 80’s workout video since the beginning of class). Also, I had watched tutorials on how to key out the background without needing a green screen.

In hindsight, I should have at least bought a cheap green curtain, because the keying didn’t work out as intended, and it created more editing work than is healthy to take on! I moved masks. For nearly every frame. The video is 4 minutes long. Am I insane? Only slightly.

You can still see the haze of background, but I’m gonna chalk it up to it being just like all the other glitch-y, bad music videos that were prevalent in the 80’s. I even added glitch effects, so I think the haze totally works, even though I originally meant for it to be smoother.

Lastly, I added some other found pieces from YouTube- stop motion, sketch animations, green screen objects, VHS noise, and synth wave backgrounds. I played around with filters and effects to create a really bad, but tubular 80’s music video!

This was only the video portion of my project, however! I also had the idea to make a design piece and an audio piece. For my design, I decided to take some pictures of myself in character in the workout room. I then added an 8-bit city background to one of the pictures, and added my name and album title in some rad font. I particularly like how this piece tuned out!

For my audio, I had the idea of mashing up every song I ever referenced in my posts for this class. Making song parodies was just something silly I started doing at the beginning, but it’s been my favorite post detail, so I knew that I wanted to incorporate it into the final somehow. And that’s when I decided to mash them all! That’s about 50 song references though, so in order to be concise, I only played a couple seconds of each song. I think it’s a pretty neat tie in to all of my posts!

My last two items were ideas I came up with while I was writing up my post. I came up with the idea to put 80’s Rick on my blog during the first week of class, so of course I needed to make an 80’s Melody in the style of Rick and Morty! My other mashup detail was in the writing of my post. As I started writing it, I realized that I was starting to make my story into a remix. I came up with a plug for 80’s Melody by centering my narrative around key words from old posts, and then I added all the hyperlinks. (I didn’t include weekly summaries or daily creates, but all the rest are Easter egged in there).

And finally, I had my final!


Featured Image:

Daily Create 1

I still kept up with daily creates, so for the week of Thanksgiving, I made an animated stick figure, I drew a hand turkey, I made an algorithmic sound, I posted about who I would ‘milkshake,’ I posted some cute Doodle photos, and I illustrated a creative name! (Jesting Jessica is probably closer to ‘me’ than 80’s melody – I’m not that cool, but I think I’m funny).

Post: DAILY CREATE: Week of Thanksgiving

Featured Image:

Daily Create 2

Ahh! The last daily creates! I’m totally spazzing. For the final week, I got to do one of my own daily create ideas, and do a maze doodle! It was really cool to see an idea that I submitted appear as a daily create. I also doodled on a pic of my Doodle, I showed what calendar I use (it was a pug calendar this year), I drew myself as a storybook character, I drew myself turning into an apple, and I illustrated an 80’s catchphrase! I like how my type design turned out on that last daily task, which is why it’s the featured daily this week! (That, and the spazzy pomeranian makes me smile).

Post: DAILY CREATE: Week 14

Featured Image:

That’s it! This is the end! It’s over! I can’t even believe it. I had fun creating art with everyone. But now it’s time to continue on with computer science! But before I go, I think I have time for one last song parody –

♪ Been working so hard
I’m punching my report card
Eight Ten A lot of hours for what?
Oh, tell me what I got
I’ve got this feeling
That time’s just holding me down
I’ll hit the Trinkle ceiling
Or else I’ll tear up this FredVegas town
Now I gotta cut loose
Footloose, kick off the Sunday shoes
Please, Louise, pull me off of my knees
Jack, get back, come on before we crack
Lose your blues, everybody cut, everybody cut
Everybody cut, everybody cut
Everybody cut, everybody cut
Everybody, everybody cut footloose ♪

Bye, Ds106! This is 80’s Melody, Jess, peace out!

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