♪ With so many school years to go
And things to be found (to be found)
I’m sure that we’ll all miss Ds106 so
It’s the final countdown
The final countdown
The final countdown
The final countdown ♪

‘Melody’ Europe

It’s the final countdown at Ds106, with only the final project left to go! It felt weird not having to post this week, but it was also a nice breather as I planned out what I was going to do for my final projects (not just for this class, but for my other class as well). It’s been a stressful time since all the classes are wrapping up, and so I had to put this post on the back burner.

Final Project: A General Direction

So what am I going to do for the final project? Well….basically my plan is to do a post that will be a giant mashup/remix! I don’t want to post all my ideas because it will give away too much, and also because the ideas are still jangling around in my head. I hate planning out art, I just like to do it. In fact, I’ve worried every art teacher I’ve ever had, because I do so little planning. However, it’s not that I don’t plan, I just have a hard time putting ideas to paper. But by the end, they always say: I needn’t have worried.

My main piece will be a music video though, and right now I’m collecting resources and learning new editing techniques. I’m thinking of turning some modern music into an 80’s style music video, and for that, I have to learn various Adobe edit tools that I’ve never used before. I’m still testing the waters, so I don’t want to put a full-fledged plan on here in case things don’t work out.

Here are a couple of my resource progress pics here:

Hmm…what could this mean? What music did I choose?

The plan is to also connect my video with some audio and picture/design pieces. I want to tell a narrative from the perspective of a modern person via 80’s tools/media/aesthetics/sounds. I’m still thinking of ways to incorporate old work/posts into my new, final post.

This project will be a challenge since I’m working by myself, but I never planned for this to be a group project. To echo the sentiments of some other Ds106-er’s, I’ll just say that…group projects are tough. They rarely work out well because communication and collaboration tends to break down, especially when everything is being done via digital means. But, the trials and tribulations of group/partner work is true for all classes- know that I’m just speaking in a general sense!

Ahem, but anyway, that’s the plan! To make a mashup/remix music video and audio piece, and incorporate a related visual/design element. I just need to figure out what I did with my tripod!

Daily Creates: Daily’s and Daily Ideas

First up: Daily Ideas! It was requested that we put in a few ideas for daily’s in the ol’ suggestion box (New Daily Create form), and here’s what I came up with so far:

  • Do a speed drawing challenge
  • Create a maze doodles
  • Take a macro picture
  • Show off your book collection
  • Post a pretentious-sounding candle
  • Draw a duck (use Smol Animol Memes’ template)

I came up with this list because some of these ideas are based off things that I take pictures of! I have a few macro pictures that I’m particularly proud of and would’ve loved to show off. And every time I see a pretentious sounding candle, I take a picture of it and have a good laugh with my bf.

Last up: Daily Creates! I couldn’t end the week without my usual 6 daily’s, so I went ahead and made a daily creates post:

Post: DAILY CREATE: Week 13

Featured Daily:

A mashup, you say?

Onward, to the final project! ♪ It’s the final countdown ♪

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