♪ People just love to play with words/images/audio/video
People just love to play, haven’t you heard?
People just love to play with words/images/audio/video
People just love to play, haven’t you heard? ♪

Melody(Men) at Work

This week was perhaps the best week of Ds106, because we got to make mashups, remixes, and tutorials! (I’m a fan of mashups- they’re fun to do). In my mind, remixes and mashups are the same thing, but I can see how remixes are a little more limited with one type of media, whereas mashups take content from all over.

Mashup Assignments

I did 10 stars of mashups this week- two 4 star assignments, and one 2 star assignment. For my first assignment, ‘YOU BELONG TO THE BREAKFAST CLUB,’ I took images from last week’s video assignments and mashed them up into one image. At first I thought, ‘oh, this is a simple technical exercise to mash images together,’ but what I discovered was how mashups change the tone of a picture. By adding props from ‘The Goonies’ to the setting of ‘The Breakfast Club,’ the mood seemed to change from a feeling of avoidance to one of character reflection.

My second mashup, ‘I GUESS THAT’S WHY THEY CALL IT (the contest nobody could win),’ was really fun to do because I got to make a game out of this assignment. I only had to edit out 2 seconds of clips from each movie, so it wasn’t too difficult to do. The hardest part was animating an intro for my game. The assignment didn’t call for one, but I thought that an intro was needed to get the viewer ready to start guessing. I’m glad that I was so successful in making it hard; my bf played my Guess That Movie game and only got 2 out of 6, even though he’s a self-proclaimed 80’s fan. I guess 2 seconds per clip really is challenging!

My third mashup, ‘SWITCHING UP LOGOS (and channels),’ turned out better than I thought it would. This was another seemingly simple assignment, but mashing up two different TV channel logos showed me just how natural some things look when fused together. If we didn’t already have brand awareness, you would never know that ‘Bravo TV’ isn’t a thing.

Mashup Assignment #3

Post: SWITCHING UP LOGOS (and channels)

Stars: ★ ★

From Assignment: Logo Switch Up

Featured Mashup:

Mashup Assignment #2

Post: I GUESS THAT’S WHY THEY CALL IT (the contest nobody could win)

Stars: ★ ★ ★ ★

From Assignment: The Contest Nobody Could Win (Video-Mashup Edition)

Featured Mashup:

Mashup Assignment #1


Stars: ★ ★ ★ ★

From Assignment: This Doesn’t Belong Here

Featured Mashup:

Remix Assignments

I did two remix assignments- ‘Minimalize Your Philosophy’ which was originally a design assignment, and ‘Facing Your Fears,’ which was originally a writing assignment. For the design remix, I actually had two remix cards because I couldn’t remember the first card I started with, but then I remembered it later so I ended up changing my quote more than I intended. I started by taking a Bob Ross quote I made for a daily create and made it pink plus changed it to give a contradictory message. In doing this assignment, I found that the remix did the same thing a mashup would’ve done- change the tone of the work. The remix turned my motivational quote into a de-motivational one.

For my writing remix, I started out with the original assignment and thought of what fear I wanted to center my story around. I chose my fear of people, or more specifically, large groups of people, and then added the detail of people in the crowd sporting a mustache to fulfill the remix requirement. The mustache detail didn’t necessarily add anything to the story, but it did inspire me to write this story about a crowd at a horse Derby. (I think of handlebar mustaches when I think of ‘staches). I also made an image to go along with my story, which was probably more fun than the actual writing assignment because I discovered an app that allows you to add mustaches to any photo.

Remix Assignment #2

Post: THE [‘STACHED] CROWD: A Remixed Story

From Assignment: Facing Your Fears [Remixed]: ‘Stache It!

Featured Remix:

“I’ll Have Another! C’mon, I’ll Have Another!”

The sun beats down on the crowd of people, causing the gentlemen to dab at the sweat dripping down their faces, and the women to fan themselves.

More people pour in, eager at the chance to win it big.

The Crowd: An excerpt
By Melody

Remix Assignment #1

Post: THE JOY OF BLOGGING: A Contradictory Quote in Pink

From Assignment: Minimalize Your Philosophy [Remixed]: Pretty In Pink

And Also From: Minimalize Your Philosophy [Remixed]: Jump Shrimp

Featured Remix:


For the tutorial part of this week, I chose to make a tutorial for the assignment I created- ‘CREATE RAD ALBUM ART FROM PHOTOS.’ I thought that since I made the assignment, it was only fitting that I showed how I did it! I went about this tutorial by taking screenshots of my Photoshop work space, since text and images made the most sense for the assignment. I had some trepidation at first, because when I first made my album art, I worked through the steps intuitively by experimenting with layers, tools, and filters. I didn’t think that I could remember everything that I did, but since Photoshop uses layers, I was able to back track through my work and re-create the process (more or less). My goal was mainly to show what I did, but anyone doing this assignment will have their own photos and editing techniques, so I feel better knowing that my tutorial is more of an example than a guide to strictly follow.


Featured Image:

Community Building

Speaking of creating rad album art from photos, I was pleasantly surprised to find that a fellow Ds106-er had done a remix of my assignment! Lauren Perez made some album art called, ‘Lemon Milk,’ and it’s definitely rad! I liked the bold colors and playful typeface on her design.

There were a lot of other great mashups and remixes, including a remixed movie poster, logo switch ups, image mashups, and remixed stories.

Commented on:

Lauren Perez: Lemon Milk Screamo Remix
Abby Cassell: Remix It: If Movie Posters Told the Truth
Kuri Benitez: Remix It: Waldo
MEGGS AND BACON: Logo Switch Up and Another Hideous Day REMIX 1

Daily Creates

My featured daily create this week was a blackout poem created from a math handout! I’ve never made a blackout poem before, so this was a fun challenge. (Don’t worry; I blacked it out digitally. The original handout is still intact). This was a neat daily because it’s a kind of remix when you think about it. The words are all still there, but the meaning has completely changed just by blacking out certain words.

Check out all my daily’s in my post, ‘DAILY CREATE: Week 12:’

Post: DAILY CREATE: Week 12

Featured Image:

We’re winding down…it’s now time for final projects!

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