SWITCHING UP LOGOS (and channels)

♪ Four, three, two, oneEarth below usDrifting, fallingFloating, weightlessSwitching up, switching up home ♪ Peter "Melody" Schilling I switched things up a bit for my last mashup and did Logo Switch Up! Details for this assignment are as follows: "Use one brand's advertisement for another brand by replacing the logo of one brand with the logo of another. Be creative and try to pick similar logos that could look correct in the advertisement if we did not already have the brand awareness!" I chose this assignment because I thought it would be interesting to see if I could mash an…

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I GUESS THAT’S WHY THEY CALL IT (the contest nobody could win)

♪ And I guess that's why they call it the contest nobody could winTime on my hands could be time spent with youLaughing like children, living like loversRolling like thunder under the coversAnd I guess that's why they call it the contest nobody could win ♪ Elton "Melody" John It's time to play, 'Guess That Movie!' I chose to do the assignment The Contest Nobody Could Win (Video-Mashup Edition) for my next mashup because it sounded like a lot of fun! Details for this assignment are as follows:"Create a mashup of 6 video clips (either TV or Movie) no longer…

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♪ Still don't know where you're goingYour still just a face in the crowdYou belong to the breakfast clubYou belong to the gooniesLiving in a river of darkness beneath the neon lightYou were born in the club ♪ Glenn "Melody" Frey It's mashup week at Ds106, and for my first assignment, I chose to do This Doesn’t Belong Here! Details for this assignment are as follows:"For this assignment you need to mash up two different iconic movie scenes. However, you should aim to be as subtle as possible. Perhaps a famous prop that simply doesn't belong or a character that…

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Mashup Take 1 For my next assignment, I chose to Take Any Two Songs (Similar Or Not) And Create A Mashup/Remix! from the audio assignment category. The task for this assignment was pretty straightforward: "Create a new mashup by combining any two songs you feel fitting for a mashup! You would be surprised at some of the results!"A mashup, that's just cutting up two or more songs and mushing them back together, right? Hey, I know how to do that. Or so I thought.The project: Not uploaded because apparently I didn't make the mashup unique enough to avoid copyright claim…

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