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Take Me on to the next challenge! For part 2 of the rework assignment, I chose to remix my collage from my post, ‘TAKE ME ON (To The Party).’ I wanted to revisit this work because I originally liked how I took an assignment from the Visual category and turned it into a design assignment. I effectively combined the assignments Unsuspecting Friends and Your Big Break into one big assignment and I had a lot of fun doing it! There’s so much experimentation you can do with making collages and turning them into album art, that I just wanted to keep making different versions of the same work.

I was pretty satisfied with how my original piece turned out, except perhaps the imagery could be simplified and the text could stand out more. But I didn’t want to just tweak those things and call it a day; I wanted to see if I could come up with a new design by using the same party pictures and creating something that truly looks like an 80’s album cover.

I decided on simplifying the design by choosing only 2 pictures to work with. I first used the filter tool ‘cutout’ and played around with the parameters. This created a cool effect that I thought I wanted to use until I discovered a new effect by accident. I used the lasso tool on one of the pictures and hit delete, thinking it would delete the background. Instead, it filled in the background with the image not selected. It essentially made a pattern out of people! I played this up by experimenting with selective color and the opacity overlays. I used a ‘hard mix’ on the selective color layers and placed them on top of my duplicated picture layers.

I was inspired by a lot of 80’s album cover art, but in particular I liked the font and shape elements from Thompson Twins ‘Into The Gap,’ so I thought about how to incorporate that into my work. I used the lasso tool to cut out lines on one of the images, and I placed my type layer on top. I came up with a band name and album title that sounded 80’s, and I searched for google fonts that had an 80’s vibe. I chose Saira Stencil One for ‘Manic,’ and ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro for ‘Harts’ and ‘Into The Night.’ For the album title, I played around with positioning the text over the rectangular cut outs I made and I added a yellow stroke to the text to make it stand out more. I also took ‘Into’ and placed it underneath the cutout layer, (I literally placed it ‘into’ the black space) which I felt was a nice detail for my title.

I enjoyed experimenting with art styles for this assignment, and as you can see, I came up with two entirely different versions of the same concept! I like both ideas, but the rework is my favorite because of the bold colors and simple shapes. I also focused more on making album art in the second version, whereas in my original work, the album art was an afterthought.

Check out my original work and rework:

Original Work:

Post: TAKE ME ON (To The Party)


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  1. I love how you came up with two entirely different versions of the same concept presented here. First, both of these works are awesome! Your rework is awesome because of the color palate chosen, and the idea of making album art is defiantly represented here. I love your first work, it is full of colors and questions. Your re work looks like a cover to an album! Great job!

    1. Thank you ^__^
      This is a fun project; it’s kind of a twist on assignments that already exist, but it’s different enough that maybe I should just create a new assignment for it

  2. This looks awesome! The re-worked image definitely brings up different emotions and thoughts!

    1. Thank you! I decided to make this a new assignment in the Design category since I think it turned out pretty OK myself, heheh

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