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Crowded hallways really grind my gears! For my first rework, I chose to take another look at my pet peeve billboard from my post, ‘PSA: We are all Animals,’ from assignment, PSA Billboard. I wanted to revisit this work not because I rushed through it, but because the end result was a little too busy to be practical, and I mentioned that if I had had more time, I would have simplified the imagery. A design doesn’t have to be time-consuming to be good, but there are often many versions and many revisions before a design goes to print. So in that sense, the editing process will often take longer than the actual design idea.

Instead of trying to simplify the busy image I already had, I decided to take that same idea and come up with a different version. I wanted to keep the idea of animals in a hallway, but I started to rethink the slogan and come up with something more simple. I also realized that crowds don’t necessarily belong at the zoo either, because animals should remain in the wild, (unless they need rehabilitation) so I started thinking along the lines of animals in a jungle.

I searched for a different elephant picture, and found a funny one with just elephant butts. Sometimes immature humor can be appropriate for an ad (you’re trying to get people’s attention), so I brought it into PS and started thinking of puns. I also brought in a new hallway image, and a jungle-themed wallpaper.

I came up with the tagline, “Don’t make others butt in,” and decided to emphasis the ‘butt in’ by using warp text to squeeze it around the elephant behind. I used Barlow Condensed SemiBold for most of my text, and Balboa for ‘butt in’ because it’s a nice hefty font that looked better squeezed. I then balanced out my tagline by adding the fake website, “Keep hallways” to the bottom of my design, which also helped give context to my tagline. For my imagery, I didn’t want it to overpower the text, so I used levels, selective color, brightness/contrast, exposure, and a sepia photo filter to make the background a muted dark green color. By keeping the background muted and simple, the white and yellow text really pop on the billboard.

I’m happy with both concepts, but I’m happier with my second iteration of my idea because I focused more on making my design practical in the billboard world. It’s simple, yet it effectively gets the message across. And it features elephant butts, and humorous puns are always great.

Check out my original concept and rework:

Original Work:

Post: PSA: We are all Animals


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