Ds106 Radio Presents:

Monday: Back to the 80s, Riding the Radio Waves
Tuesday: Tubular Tunes, 80s Television Power Half Hour
Wednesday: 80’s Brain Cells You Forgot About

The radio show that I would like to revisit was the first radio show of the week: ‘Back to the 80’s’ with The Ds106 Ladies.
The show started off strong with a look into the musical stylings of Whitney Houston. I liked how the speaker used sound clips from Whitney’s song, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” and interjected them into her analysis. It made this show’s intro memorable, because Whitney Houston’s vocals just resonate and stick in your head.

The next segments talked about 80’s fashion, and I think this was a great topic to explore because there’s been such a resurgence of 80’s-inspired fashion today.

The audio for these segments were mostly just the analyses and didn’t have additional sounds or music, but I felt that this worked because I often feel that music is too distracting when layered with talking. I think music should for the most part only be placed in-between dialogue rather than played at the same time.

The segment about 80’s music was one of my favorites; I liked listening to such classic hits as Def Leppard’s, ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me,’ Survivor’s, ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ Queen’s, ‘Another One Bites the Dust,’ Rick Springfield’s, ‘Jesse’s Girl,’ and Cyndi Lauper’s, ‘Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun.’ This segment wasn’t too analysis heavy, but I honesty just enjoyed listening to the music!

I also liked the end segment where the speaker gave a list of her top 5 movie picks from the 80’s. I was interested to hear what she was going to choose and why (I still think ‘the Princess Bride’ should have been #1).

My only critique is that some of the audio fluctuated too much with the volume levels; i.e. the commercial about hair care is blaring, especially if you wear headphones. @~@;;

But otherwise I think the Ds106 Ladies did a fantastic job and they really kicked off Radio week to a great start.

Just to highlight something about the other radio shows (since they were all fantastic):
I liked the beginning of ‘Riding the Radio Waves’ where listeners had to guess the movie based on the sounds they heard. I’m still curious to know what the movie was!

And of course, I loved the Etch A Sketch commercial.

The next night featured ‘Tubular Tunes,’ and what I liked about theirs was how they analyzed 80’s music in relation to music today. I never noticed how modern-day music artists manipulate vocals more than artists from the 80’s did. The 80’s are mostly associated with synth sounds, although that seems to have come back into style!

The last radio show (or I should say the last show from VA) was ’80’s Brain Cells you Forgot About.’ What was great about this show was how the speakers used a different format from everyone else; they made a podcast/conversation type of show instead of one with segmented pieces. (I thought that it would be kind of cool to do this type of show, but I think my group was mostly commuters, including myself, so getting together just didn’t happen). But 80’s Brain cells came together and made a cool show that featured rom-coms and spooky stories. I think we all learned just how outdated some of these 80’s films are, and it was thought-provoking to ponder how we should handle old movies that just wouldn’t fly today. (Or if they do, would be labeled with a different MPAA rating).

On Tuesday, I tuned in to my own group’s show, 80’s Television Power Half-Hour! This was an interesting experience to listen to something that I was a part of. I was a little nervous about hearing myself on air, especially with the knowledge that others were listening in too, but the positive comments our group received about our show alleviated my worries a bit. I was also glad to see so many Golden Girls fans in the audience; it’s one of my favorite 80’s show and it felt good to find that commonality with other ds106-ers.

I was especially proud of my group’s commercials; think we all did a great job coming up with ads that might actually appear on TV or on other radio stations. I was excited to almost hear the ad I made for Reclaim Video- the sound cut out for me during that part, unfortunately. I think some other people had connectivity issues as well.

After listening in with the rest of the class to our group’s radio show and tweeting along with everybody, I think I can conclude that 80’s Television Power Half-Hour was a success! And just like Hannah, I too want to know how Kollin gets all of his robot voices for his projects! He didn’t tell me secret, ha.

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