Radio Show Week 1 Progress Report

“It’s kind of a big deal”

This just in: Ds106 Radio show groups have been formed and topics have been discussed. My group started out with only myself and Kollin Carter, but through a shocking turn of events, our group is now the largest at 6 people. That’s at least a half hour show! My group’s other members are Michael Barnard, Denali Roberts, Morgan Nebel, and Caroline Hanson.

It sure was a rocky start to this week, as it was tough gathering people together. I made a shout out on Twitter to get more members in our group at the start of the week, but I was met with radio silence. Not everyone uses Twitter regularly, so it wasn’t the best tool for recruiting ds106-ers. I waited the better part of the weekend for more people, figuring that everyone would join a group by Sunday, but that wasn’t the case.

Kollin has been an excellent project organizer, and made an invite over Canvas for people to join our group. We got plenty of responses thankfully, but that created a new problem: getting so many people on the same page! Our group started out by talking through email, and Kollin attempted to get a Google docs going, but these methods of communication weren’t successful. Everyone works on a different schedule (some people are even working in a different time zone)! So what was needed was a direct way of talking, and Kollin came up with the idea of starting a group chat on the app GroupMe. That got the ball rolling!

Our group decided on the working idea of doing a story analysis on 80’s TV shows. We at first thought of doing hit songs, but worried about how to fit in a narrative (as well as dealing with copyright claims). We also thought about analyzing movies, but eventually decided on shows. There is still talk about how we can create a compelling narrative with this idea.

Lastly, there has been discussion about a group name. We were originally thinking along the lines of, “Ds106 Radio 80’s TV Show Series,” “80’s TV Show Review Series,” or “80’s TV Show Reviews.” I suggested a catchy title such as, “80’s Television Power Half Hour,” for Radio Bumper purposes. It’s still a work in progress.

And that about sums up this progress report! Everyone is currently working on creating bumpers, commercials, and design promos. The toughest thing about this week was just organizing the group. Some of us started working on content later in the week than usual due to this being a group project (which really puts a rush on things, phew)! but I think we’re rolling along now.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. Paul

    This idea has lots of possibilities. Wikipedia’s list of the top-rated shows by year may be useful for the project:
    The themes to some of the shows, like the ticking clock in 60 Minutes or the melody for MASH, are sonic icons that you could weave into your narrative. And you’d only need a little bit for them to be recognizable, which might help avoid copyright claims. 80s TV catchphrases would be useful too. As I’m sure you know, if you are going to use clips from shows, you need to focus on the dialogue because the visual element will be lost.

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