The 80’s Television Power Half-Hour is just about complete and ready to be uploaded to SoundCloud! Group members added their contributions on a Google Doc by Wednesday so that Kollin could stitch all the pieces together. I’d like to thank Kollin who volunteered as tribute; his efforts made this show happen as project organizer and audio editor.

Everyone had a logo/flyer/poster to add to the show, which was then formatted into one big poster. Each group member posted their bumpers, commercials, and analyses as well, and Kollin put them together and added transitions to demarcate the individual segments of the show.

Our show is definitely a powerful half-hour at 31 min. and 18 sec. long. It’s chock full of 80’s TV, such as ‘Full House,’ ‘Miami Vice,’ ‘ALF,’ ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ and my personal contribution (and favorite 80’s show), ‘The Golden Girls.’

Here’s the breakdown of our progress:

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