♪ Are you ready Tom? Uh-huh
Abby? Yeah
Grace? Okay
Alright ds106-ers, let’s go! ♪

Sweet Melody

For this assignment, I had to take a list of ‘things to photograph’ and try and capture each thing within 20 minutes. That’s not a whole lot of time for pre-composition and walking far to find interesting objects, so I had to work fast. Here was my ‘photoblitzer’ list:

photoblitzer list

  • Fences and walls can divide or demarcate. Make a creative photo of a fence or wall
  • Glasses help many folks bring the world into focus each day.
  • Make a monochrome photo (monochrome doesn’t have to mean black and white)
  • Take a photo that visually represents a sound
  • Out and about walking?
  • Take a photo of something that you are envious of (physical or metaphorical).
  • Take a picture of rocks.

Ready, Set, Go!

The start time on my Lion King clock was 1:30 pm.
Time to get some pictures!

Another Plank In The Wall

Fences and walls can divide or demarcate. For this item, I wanted an interesting perspective with a clear grid division, and I wanted to add some contrast to the composition, because (plain) walls and fences aren’t too interesting. At first I took pictures of close-by backyard fences, but I didn’t want to trespass in anyone’s yard, and ours isn’t anything special.

But as I made my way around to the front of my house, I spotted my stepdad’s sculpture by the fence and tree line. I wanted to highlight the surreal nature of this piece against our fence, so I used selective colors to revv up the sculpture colors and tone done the grass/tree colors. I added a black gradient to further demarcate the left from the right side. I then brought back some of the vibrancy on the truck and shrub to lead the viewer’s eye from the bird to the right side of the image.

Everything’s So Blurry

Glasses do indeed help folks see. I know I’m blind as a bat without them, and I have gone through many levels of thickness over the years. I decided to pile my old pairs of glasses and their cases on my rolling bin and snap a photo. It was just meh.

I then had the idea to create the illusion of what the world looks like without glasses by focusing in on my current glasses (The camera automatically blurs the background when it is trying to focus on something close in the foreground). I think I successfully captured how blurry objects appear before I put my spectacles on.

It’s Black, It’s White

For my monochrome photo, I had a couple of good options in my 20 minute photo frenzy- my mom playing on her iPad, my dogs. Actually, that was pretty much it. But then I stepped into the garage and caught my stepdad eating peanuts (a missed photo op). I did catch him in a kind of, ‘it’s hot,’ gesture, and snapped my photo.

What caught my eye about this image is that he is drawing the viewer’s eye to something off frame (even I’m not sure what). I also liked the angles that the rugs and cabinets were creating, so I did my PS magic with Levels and Selective color. I first colorized the image in blue, then toned it down to black and white (Thus, making it a cool black and white, rather than a warm or grey black and white).

Sounds Like A Melody

(If my readers haven’t noticed, I often play on song titles, lyrics, and phrases when I write section headings, and when I Googled “songs with ‘Sound’ in the title,” I came across this gem from the 80’s. Everyone should seriously click on the title and go watch XD).

For this photo, I had to visually represent sound. Well, my house is pretty noisy, but what to pick? Just as I was considering my options, all 4 dogs spotted something outside and they sounded off! For those who don’t know, Schnauzers are a ‘howling’ breed, so whenever one of them starts howling, they all follow suit. You can’t see Gretel in the picture, but she is there behind Vi howling along with her sisters. (I can hear this photo).

The 3 Schnauzers are singing the song of their people while Doodle just watches in silence. I was mostly interested in capturing the moment, but I tried to take it at a good angle. I like the composition of the 3 dogs in view- they do a good job of demarcating my image into thirds.

Walk This Way

Out and About Walking? Why yes, I was! Although I only had 20 minutes, so I didn’t wander too far from my house. I was actually taking pictures of fences when I turned around to see my mom standing there. She had come outside to see what I was doing. She then remarked that the trees were quite lovely from the one side of the house, and I took advantage of the moment by snapping a picture.

This was another moment where the viewer’s focus is directed to something off frame. (What is she looking at)? I especially like this shot because I find the contrast in size between her and everything surrounding her to be eye-catching. I decided to highlight the contrast of my subject against nature by limiting my color palette to browns and blues.

Green Purple Is The Colour

I had trouble coming up with something I’m envious of. I’m most jealous of my own house (because it’s not my house, it’s my parents’ house), but I thought that I could dig deeper to expose my pit of jealousy.

And then I thought of it- art. I’m an artist who doesn’t sell artwork, and I’ve always been jealous of people who do. I’ve never been able to figure out how one goes about making a career out of painting (if I had, I’d be doing that)!

My goal with capturing ‘Envious of Other Artists’ was at first just to take a picture of some of my (rarely used) art supplies. I played with different angles and lighting. I liked how my lamp cast shadows on my pile of paints and brushes. I brought up the levels and vibrancy in PS, but something was missing. It still felt…plain, and didn’t convey ‘envy.’ And then I thought of the phrase, ‘Green with Envy’ when I set up my section heading. I then knew I needed to colorize my photo with green, but I didn’t want a monochrome green. I think envy is all kinds of crazy colors, so I brought in some purple as well to contrast with the green.

Rock And A Hard Place

Rocks. Yep. Rocks are another one of those not-too-interesting subjects, and I sure felt like I was between a rock and a hard place with this task.

After taking a few pictures of rocks in my front yard, I wandered over to the side of the yard where there is a stretch of yard that belongs to no one. I found a large pile of rocks and started taking pictures at every angle. I decided that a rock is still a rock, but it did make an interesting pattern, if only I had an object to contrast it with. Having nothing on me, I improvised and threw my shoe at the pile. Hey, not bad.

Later, when I looked at my photos in PS, I realized that there’s actually a whole lot of neat things you can do with an object that makes a pattern. I decided to keep it simple and up the contrast between the shoe and the rocks by making the rocks a pure black and white (rocks, while mostly black and white, still have color to them). I also liked the bit of green grass making lines of focus towards the shoe, so I made sure to keep it vibrant (not easy to do! It’s hard to select tiny objects).

And Time!

End time: 1:50 pm. I’ve completed my first photoblitz.

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