The radio project is already coming to a close and it’s now time to look forward to the weeks ahead with video and remix/mashups! But what should the final projects be about? I’m a somewhat creative person, but even I struggle with coming up with ideas. I’m better at taking an existing idea and trying to come up with ways to give it a new twist. Most of my ideas for our final projects stem from assignments I had in my motion design class, but I tried to make them reflect our course theme.

This is just a rough list- I suspect that I’ll change my mind once I start working on my final project. I had a bunch of ideas for the radio show, but my group came up with a new idea on the fly, so I think it will likely be the same for the video project.

Project Ideas:

  1. Make a PSA or promo video about a topic and give it an 80’s twist, such as promoting exercise by doing aerobics, or giving a PSA about the dangers of the internet (which might be funny since the 80’s were pre-internet).
  2. Take one or more projects already created for this class and turn it into an animated video! This would involve moving design elements with key frames and adding in background sounds.
  3. Create an 80’s style movie trailer or intro/end credits for a book or story.
  4. Create a sting/logo/bumper, etc. for a TV network that would highlight real or fictional 80’s segments.
  5. Animate a scene from an 80’s movie by using found objects. This could be done with stop motion or whiteboard animation.
  6. Write a narrative for a real 80’s icon/character or a fictional character and animate the story by using photos and/or illustrations.
  7. Create a personal narrative of ‘a day in the life,’ but pretend it’s the 80’s and use antiquated objects to tell the story. This could be done by making gifs.
  8. Make an 80’s style music video set to some modern music.

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  1. I love all your project ideas! They’re all something I would love to do!

    1. Thanks! :- D

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