There’s only a few more weeks left and as this class draws to a close, it’s time to re-visit our video ideas once more. Thinking of ideas was no easier the second time around, but I tried to build off of what I already came up with and what others have come up with. I think a lot of these ideas are more ambitious than anyone has time for, but some of them just might work.

Again, this is just a rough list- I can’t say for sure which idea I’m most drawn to.


More Project Ideas:

Adding on to my ideas/assignment bank ideas:

  1. Make an 80’s style music video set to some modern music.
    -There are a lot of options here, since 80’s music videos are like mini-movies. I particularly like Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers: ‘Don’t Come Around Here No More’ because they use their song as a story about Alice in Wonderland. A lot of artists also used graphical elements in their video’s (Peter Gabriel, A-ha, Paula Abdul).
  2. Do a recursive camera project, but create a story through the lens of an 80’s character.
  3. Make a kinetic typography video of an 80’s movie scene.

    Adding on to others ideas:
  4. Create a video with only photographs from the 80’s that tell a story.
    -You could also take new photos/use photos from your photo gallery, or use found photos and create an 80’s narrative. I think photo effects and 80’s music could help achieve this.
  5. Do a movie/book review about something from the 80’s.
    -I was trying to think along these lines, like creating an 80’s style movie trailer or mini-movie from a book.
  6. Do things wrong/differently and document it (for ex, sitting on a chair upside down or eating cereal with a fork).
    -what if we chose a setting where this made sense? i.e., Alice in Wonderland (1985).
  7. Take a story about an 80’s movie, and create a different ending or beginning. Mess around with the climax or the movie message itself by recreating it, or adding to it.
    -We could turn a teen movie like the Breakfast Club into an action movie. I made a trailer mash-up where this seems to work.
  8. Take an iconic scene from an 80’s movie or TV show and rewrite the dialogue to match how it would sound if it took place today, in 2019.
    -A lot of the dialogue would change I think because 80’s movies weren’t exactly P.C.
    Also, the technology would be different, and might even influence the story, i.e., if texting existed back then, would that change how the characters act? How issues get resolved?

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