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After listening to the jams on Ds106 Radio, I tried my hand at making a radio bumper. I’ve made a fake TV bumper before, but not one for radio, so this was interesting. Although I have Adobe CC and could have used Audition, I opted for using Audacity, since the User Interface of it looked easy enough to learn within a short amount of time. (Adobe tends to have a steeper learning curve, comparatively). Once I familiarized myself with Audacity, I searched for a cool 80’s synth beat in Soundcloud under Creative Commons. I chose ‘SYNTH FUNK – 80s Funky Disco Bass […]’ by Aries Beats.

Next, I recorded my voice with the appropriate Ds106 tag line, and imported my audio to Audacity. I amplified my voice recording since it was softer than the music. I cut down the synth beat since it was fairly long, and stitched it back together as best I could. I wanted to keep the beginning chords and have a natural end, which meant deleting much of the middle. This is always tricky to do, because you have to make the cuts seamless, where one section of sound flows into another without ‘jumping.’ This took a lot of patience to line up the beats and I think I got pretty close. I then used the envelope tool to do a fade out/fade in to the synth beat at the part where I’m talking. Almost done, but the original song had a slow fade out, and I wanted my version end on a beat.

This was going to be hard to do, because there’s a high pitch synth chord that cuts off short along with a deep synth chord (the deep one was the one I wanted). I played around with all the settings, until I found one that made it have a kind of end to it, with was the ‘wahwah’ effect. This makes the audio go in and out. I had my bumper! Time to export and give it a listen.

Back in Audacity, I duplicated a part of my voice recording where there’s silence and tacked it on the end of my total recording. I learned that the very very end gets cut off during export unless you add a small section of ‘nothing.’ This allowed my recording to end naturally. I exported a second time, and uploaded to Soundcloud. Here’s my final Ds106 Radio Bumper:

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