A CONNECTED STORY: The Hermit and no one

This week, we did our usual daily creates, but with a twist! I love a good twist on an existing idea, so I was excited to take my daily’s and try and come up with a way to tie them all together into a singular story. I like writing just about as much as I like drawing, designing, or programming, so I couldn’t wait until I had my usual 6 daily creates to finish up my narrative. I’m not sure how I came up with this story about an old woman; I think I just tried to imagine myself as a crazy old woman who lives far away from people! heheh. I hope you enjoy my story!

The Hermit and no one:

What a drag it is getting old,” said the old woman. She was a bit of an eccentric- short, curly hear cropped ’round a stout face, beady eyes, and a tight-lipped mouth. A feathery grey hat sat atop her head and a dark blue coat hugged her shoulders. It was made out of the same feathery material. Definitely odd.
“Try being dead,” said no one.
“Oh yes, well I’m not far off.” replied the woman. “But being alive is so…so…lonely! No one comes to visit the old hermit that lives in a shoe.”
“We could play a game to pass the time?” suggested no one.
“Oh, yes, that would be lovely! What game shall we play?” asked the old woman.
no one replied.
“Ah yes! we shall play, ‘Truth or Lie’! And the loser has to….oh you know!
Alright, I’ll go first,” piped up the old woman.
She pursed her lips in thought for a moment.
“Let’s see…OK, I’ve got it.
I have never met any of my grandparents.
I had a niece that was older than me.
I had siblings that were old enough to be my parents.
Which one is the lie?”
“Clearly, the first one is the lie. Everyone has known at least one grandparent,” guessed no one.
Tee hee! Wrong! Sadly, mine all passed before I was born. Guess again.”
“Well then you are trying to trick me. The second one seems odd enough to be true. The third one must be the lie then,” guessed no one.
Geee ah hah ha ha! Wrong again! Pay up!”
Tch. You’ve won every night this week. Here.” no one handed the old woman a crude stick with notches along the length.
“What will you make with all of your measuring tools? This one doesn’t even measure in feet and inches.” asked no one.
“You can’t measure anything truly worthwhile in feet and inches. Haaaa. I think I’ll make myself young again.”
The old woman started to draw her inner self with the odd rulers and measuring sticks, and when she was done, she closed her eyes and saw that she was no longer an old woman. She was the young and vibrant girl she remembered.
“Ah, so you’ve finally come to join me,” said no one.
no one replied.

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