80’s POWER DESIGN: A Radio Show Project

I’m feeling the 80’s power of geographic shapes in this Radio Show Design Project! For this assignment, we had to create a poster/bumper sticker/logo/etc. for our radio show, and I got to work thinking about our group’s 80’s Television Power Half-Hour! I was influenced by my own group member’s poster, from Radio Show Design Project. I liked how Kollin used an old tube TV and colorful text as his focal point, and I liked the detail, “Ds106 Radio Presents.” I started thinking about how I could use television and tubular colors for a flyer of my own design.

I began this project by doing a little research to decide what my background and foreground elements would be. I found a ‘wall of TV’s’ image, and decided to use that for my base. I used image trace in Illustrator to bring it down to 3 colors, then brought it into Photoshop and made a pattern out of it by repeating the image.

Next, I searched for 80’s characters based on their pose and whether or not they had enough of their body showing to use on a flyer (most images of characters are just from the waist up). I chose characters from the shows, “Miami Vice,” “The Greatest American Hero,” “Cheers,” and “Alf.” I erased the character’s backgrounds and layered them on top of each other for a kind of collage look.

Next, I found design elements such as palm trees and a road with a sunset to add to my collage. I duplicated the layers and played around with the opacity’s of the layers, setting them to color dodge, color burn, and lighter color, respectively. I also added a black rectangle to the left side of the flyer for contrast and balance.

For my type, I chose ‘Barlow Condensed Light’ and ‘Barlow Condensed Semibold’ for the first two headings to keep it retro but simple. I used ‘Alexa Std’ for the third heading because I like the script-y feel from Kollin’s poster. I set the text to white and created black rectangles to sit underneath the text for contrast and interest. I used an overlay for the text rectangles and Hard Mix for the rectangle on the left.

Lastly, I made two adjustment layers- one for levels and one for selective color, just to make the image more crisp and cohesive. Here is my final result for 80’s Television Power Half-Hour:

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