This is my first blog post! Radical!
(Intro’s to follow)

– 80’s Melody

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  1. Hinoiri

    Tubular! Did you make the 80’s Rick? Cos that looks awesome!

    1. admin

      I didn’t, no- I found it, cut it out of its BG and added the quote because I thought it was funny, lol. Time permitting, it would be neat to completely re-design my blog using my own illustrations. I’m still getting the hang of WordPress, and I wanted to get a site up quickly, so I used found art doing a google search. I wouldn’t do that professionally, but since this is a student blog, I took some liberties

      1. Hinoiri

        I totally understand the struggle with WordPress. This is my first time using it as well. I think the Rick turned out stellar! I would also like to add my own drawings but I simply don’t have enough time to do that as much as I’d like.

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