Chapter 1: Twitter
Twitter was probably the easiest intro to make since there are only so many characters you can use to say what you want to say. I already had most of these accounts set up, but I never used them. I almost exclusively use Facebook for sharing pictures or stories. Why say a thing four times when you can just say it once! That’s my personal motto, but I did make different intro’s for this post.

Chapter 2: Soundcloud
I’ve never used soundcloud before; I always thought that soundcloud was only for people who made music. I’m not musical, (don’t let my online persona bamboozle you) so I never gave soundcloud any thought.

Chapter 3: Instagram
This is another one that I don’t use all that often, despite the fact that I actually really enjoy photography. My phone is filled with my attempts to take a good picture! I’m constantly inspired by my surroundings, and I’m always excited when I capture a moment with my dogs, or with friends/family, or even when I spot a cool looking bug outside. But again, I only share these moments on Facebook. Sorry Instagram followers!

Chapter 4: YouTube
This was by far the hardest to do, but also the most fun! I’ve taken some digital media classes in the past, so it’s not that video editing is new to me, but it is very, very time consuming! I also have severe anxiety and get super tongue tied on camera (even with a script), which is why I thought it would be a neat idea to do this 80’s video where I could cut up the footage and stitch it back together. It’s nearly impossible for me to talk all in one continuous shot, so doing a quirky video where I’m doing something different in every frame was pretty much the only solution for a video introduction. If you watch all the way to the end, you’ll really get a sense of my dorkiness. As a Mary Washington J.A.D.E. alumni, I proudly fly my geek flag, haha.
(And if you only watch the beginning, you’ll get a sense of my old age, yikes).

Social media has created a mode of sharing that simply was not possible in the 80’s. We can now tweet our thoughts, upload our cat videos, (ahem, or dog videos) post our pictures, and share our voices. It’s an incredible age of being more connected than ever, yet also more isolated than ever. Gone are the days of just randomly showing up at a friend’s house to fight demogorgons. (I finally watched Stranger Things this summer).
Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Soundcloud are all amazing platforms that make this over-sharing possible.

Personally, however, I’m still sticking with Facebook.

-80’s Melody


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  1. Paul

    I love the Walkman and Rubik’s Cube, of course. I’m also glad that you bring a design background to the course – that should make things interesting.

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