DAILY CREATE: Week of Thanksgiving

This week was Thanksgiving break, but that didn’t keep me from doing daily creates, because skipping a week while the semester is still going would be like skipping an episode in a TV series, or a book in a book series, and I have to do things in order.

But enough about my weird and very specific control freak tendencies, (I’m not controlling in most other ways, i.e. my room is constantly a mess), because I want to talk about my favorite daily’s!

This week’s winner for favorite create is the creative name task! I always enjoy looking up words, and there were quite a few “J” adjectives to choose from. However, I decided to go with “Jesting” because:
1) I add humor to posts whenever I can
2) I really wanted to draw myself in a jester’s outfit
This was just a quick sketch, but I like the concept that I came up with. It looks like I’m an anime villain, and that’s exactly what I was going for.

I also enjoyed posting a picture of my cute puppy for one of the tasks, and I don’t know why I didn’t get any likes on that one. My Doodle is adorable. All puppies are cute, and they deserve all the likes.

Speaking of cute puppies, did anyone watch the dog show during Thanksgiving? Thor the bulldog won, and my heart just melted over that news! I love bulldogs! I think they are the cutest breed! <3

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good break! Here’s all my daily’s for the week:







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