This week, we drew a favorite cartoon and played emoji karaoke, found creative billboards and visualized vocabulary, drew our dream home and gave ourselves an award! I definitely deserve the ‘Over-doing it’ Award. Case in point- I always do 6 daily creates, even though the requirement is only 3. I wanted to award myself with ‘Most Exhausted Student,’ but Lauren Perez beat me to the chase.

My favorite daily create this week was where we had to find a word on the Merriam Webster Dictionary site and draw a picture of the word. I liked doing this daily for multiple reasons:
1) I learned a bunch of new words
2) I had fun creating an ironic entry (my word was about trouble forming mental images. So how do you form a mental image about trouble forming mental images)?
3) A got a lot of Twitter likes from the Aphantasia community! One of the likes was even from someone who wrote a book on the subject! That really blew me away, and now I have a new book that I want to read.

Here are all of my daily creates for the week:







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