This week, we cut up photos and drew favorite animals, we thought about old 80’s products and we made wanted posters, we exemplified the word GUMPTION and we did a collaborative draw!

My favorite daily create was the community whiteboard because I didn’t know that that program existed. I love whiteboards in general, and if I see one, I HAVE to draw on it. It beckons to me to doodle on its pristine white surface. Case in point: during photography week, I went to a friend’s house for a party and she had a whiteboard. I didn’t get to post my doodle that week, so as a bonus daily create, I’d like to post it now:

Doodle inspired by Drawfee’s Legends of Krys

My second favorite daily was thinking about the word gumption. I had trouble thinking up what could possibly represent the word, until I thought of one of my favorite web comic characters. Punk is gumption. And I was happy that I thought of it before the day was over.

Here are all my daily’s this week:







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