In the name of the Moon, I will punish you! This week, we came up with candle scent names and created an alphabet mess, we captioned the 80’s and took movie quotes out of context, we went on a nature walk and we drew a fictional friend.

It’s hard to pick a favorite daily create because they’re all fun to do. My favorite discovery was ‘Sledgehammer,’ because even though I had heard the song before, I had never seen the video (or didn’t remember it). The stop motion is incredible, and must have taken a very long time to do!

My favorite mashup was the movie quotes, because quotes can be quite humorous when they are taken out of context and combined with other quotes.

Doing alphabet mess was like re-visiting typography class (which is good and bad). Although ‘typosaurus’ was my favorite/best project of typography, I disliked typography itself (it’s the hardest thing about design to grasp), so doing ‘typo cat’ wasn’t my cup of tea.

Drawing ‘Sailor Moon’ was probably my favorite daily, because I’m in a major where I have to stare at a computer screen all day. It’s nice to just take out a sketchbook and draw.

Here are my total daily creates for week 5:







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