This week, we celebrated 80’s themed drinks and 80’s icons, beloved pencils and Dot Day, and…college I guess? And we started a new trend talked about what trend we would start if we had that kind of power (what power? The power of voodoo (who do?) You do). My trend would be Victorian era fans, because Trinkle is a million degrees even in the middle of Summer.

My favorite Daily Create was the themed drink, because I worked at a liquor store for 7 years! Customers would always ask us for recipes, and we had a recipe book with recipes that we could print out on our POS terminals. You might say, I was a Spirit Guide. Ba-dum-tss.

I’m also especially proud of my Dot Doggy GIF, because I made it in Photoshop and he’s perfectly imperfect (I love ‘derpy’ objects). And of course, I like my David Bowie illustration that I made when he passed away in 2016. I’m not really a big fan of my own artwork, but I do enjoy mashups, and I like to entertain the idea of Bowie being a Time Lord. Here are all of my Daily Creates for week 4:







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