It’s the official last week of Daily Creates! Well, it’s been fun, but the semester has finally come to an end. I set out thinking I’d do 6 daily’s each week as a personal artists’ goal, and I succeeded! This week’s daily’s were all fun, so it’s difficult to say which one was my favorite.

I liked doing the maze doodle because it was a daily that I actually came up with and submitted as an idea. Making my cat Doodle look active was fun because I got to make a reference to Untitled Goose Game. I liked drawing myself as a storybook character because I love OUAT and it was fun to entertain the idea of being the wicked witch. Turning into a fruit/vegetable was a little…odd, but I rolled with it.

My favorite though is probably illustrating an 80’s catchphrase, because I love the meme picture of the spazzy pomeranian! I added a type design and some 80’s accessories to the picture, and then I added a brush filter to the whole thing. I think it’s radical, and it makes me smile.







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