No Daily Creates this week?! Psh. How about 6, as per usual, haha. It would feel weird to quit now, especially since the end of the semester is so near. It ain’t over ’til it’s over!

This week, we posted a book title from emojis, we created some shadow art, we described a favorite place in nature, we made a photo with reflections, we explained what cheerfulness means, and we photo edited Mr. Bean into an improbable place!

I think the daily’s were all pretty equal this week- there isn’t one that really stands out, except perhaps the reflections picture which got a comment of, “magical.” (To be fair, the original picture looked a lot less magical and a lot more green with algae). Photoshop can make anything look magical via the editing process, which actually seems to be the theme of these daily’s, and even this class now that I think about it. How much of an image/sound/video is “authentic?” How much is just editing? It seems as though editing completely changes the tone and narrative of the media, as evidenced by our Game of Thrones Mr. Bean here.







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