This week, we made blackout poems and posted our favorite quote, we described our dream job and showed off a meaningful object, we used three words to describe a favorite song and we added to an image of a roadblock! In terms of posting, my favorite two daily’s were the meaningful object and the dream job. I like showing off arts and crafts that I’ve done, because I created them for me, not for school or for a job. Art for the sake of art does good things to your heart.

Speaking of which, I liked creating the Bob Ross quote, because I’m a big fan of the Joy of Painting series. It’s some nice ASMR to listen to, and Bob’s words of wisdom just make you feel good.

But creating-wise, I liked doing the blackout poem the most because I’ve never done one before. I don’t read much during the school semesters because I don’t have time, so I made a poem out of my math handout (which was a challenge)! I think it’s funny how you can make a poem from even as something as dry and technical as math.

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