This week, we created a Pixar story and made pop art, we tessellated an object and summed up our Twitter account in one Gif, we thought of a misleading sign and posted an image of a beautiful gas station! My favorite daily’s this time were probably the object tessellation and the pop art. The tessellation task was neat because I learned about a program that creates a tessellation out of the user’s design. I chose to do a Mondrian square tessellation because I was inspired by the fact that you can actually make some cool programs based on Mondrian’s art!

As for the pop art task, I first took a picture of a common object (my headphones), and I copy/pasted my image in PS until I had a square of 4 pictures. I then made 4 different colored squares and placed them behind my headphone images, respectively. I set the opacity of my images to ‘Divide,’ and I made different selective color adjustment layers to place over top of my shape and image layers. And with that, I had some pretty radical pop art!

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