Ds106 caught on in a flash (it was a graveyard smash)! This week, we got into the spirit of Halloween with monster-themed daily’s! We talked about what monster we are most like and we created a monster of our own, we talked about haunted houses and showed off our Halloween costumes, we talked about famous 80’s movie actors and shared what’s in our fridge (that last one is the scariest of all if there’s nothing good to eat).

Discussion-wise my favorite daily was the universal monster task. I found out that a fellow Ds106-er is a huge fan of the Vampire Diaries, and I too, am a huge fan! I’m an even bigger fan of the spin-off show, The Originals, and couldn’t wait to post my love for the show. (This is one of those rare times where a spin-off is as good as or better than the original). But talking about haunted houses was a close second for favorite daily, because I’m really interested in ghosts and haunted places.

Create-wise my favorite daily was where we had to draw our favorite Halloween with our best costume. I think my quick sketch of Mizune came out well, so I’m particularly proud of this daily. But a close second would be my drawing of a cute jellybean monster.

Check out all my daily creates:







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