Take On Visual Media This week, our photography skills were put to the test as we did 12 stars worth of visual assignments, a photoblitz, a photo analysis, and a photo reflection. Phew! That's a lot of photo taking. I think I'll be gone in a day or two to decompress. https://imgur.com/gallery/TMbfP Photo Reflection: I kicked things off by reflecting on my current/previous experience with photography in my post, 'GOTTA GET THAT, THAT THAT (Picture).' I do have previous experience in photo taking from my time at George Mason, where I learned all about rule-of-thirds, foreground/background, lighting, etc. We also…

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♪ Let me tell you a story ♪ This Week, we took a Nohzdyve into reading, writing, and hypertext fiction. Some of the questions we had to ponder were, "If digital writing is different, how does that make digital storytelling different?" and, "How do we make that work for us?"I think the best way to answer that is with a GIF: With the ability to add hypertext, video, sound, images, tweets, GIFs, and just about anything else you can think of, digital storytelling differs from the traditional in that it is not a static way of writing. I could have…

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A Tale of Two Blogs This week, we worked on writing/blogging skills, blog customization, and community building, as well as doing assignments, daily creates, and weekly summaries. It was also recommended that we pick out an 80's movie to base our creations off of. I chose the movie Footloose and got to work! Blog Customization Time to get schwifty! The first thing I did was work on blog customization. And to actually design the site the way I wanted to, I needed a Word Press theme with more free customization options. The original theme I chose was Astra, and Astra…

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This week we were tasked with creating social media accounts, setting up a WordPress site, introducing ourselves using various social media tools, sharing our thoughts about the 80's, and writing this weekly summary. Here's what I first thought when I read everything we had to do this week: AHHHHHH. After I calmed down, I gave myself a pep talk and convinced myself that I would indeed be able to juggle all of my classes once I started. First I got all of my social media accounts up and running. The only account I didn't already have was Soundcloud (because I…

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