♪ Yeah, you don't know my mindYou don't know my kindDark ambiguities are part of my designTell the world that I'm falling from the skyDark ambiguities are part of my design ♪Red Hot Melody Peppers It's Design Week Ds106! I can't help but feel like this is my week because I'm a designer (albeit a web designer with emphasis on web, but I have a foundation in print design). All of the things I learned at GMU are more or less summed up in this weeks readings, The Vignelli Canon and A Kid’s Guide to Graphic Design by Iconic Designer…

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Brainstorming Session I created a rough list of radio show ideas, but I don't know how feasible some of these are. I'm a, "do by example" type of person, so it was really hard coming up with the examples! Here's my list so far: Weird News of the 1980s: Talk about unusual stories that happened during the 80’s such as that time that St. Louis changed the name of ‘Bus Stops’ to ‘Bus Starts.’ Speeches that almost happened: In the style of 'Moon Graffiti,' imagine a story around an alternate 80’s speech, such as what Queen Elizabeth II was going…

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♪ Now, ds106 did you hear about this one?Tell me, are you locked in the punch?Hey ds106, are you goofing on Elvis?Hey class, are we losing touch? ♪R.E.M Melody Audio Storytelling Ds106 is kicking off week 5 with some good old fashion radio storytelling. I'll admit that audio is probably my weakest link out of all the artistic modes of expression. I'm naturally a visual person, and my brain has a hard time keeping up with audio. If a professor speed talks through a lecture, I most likely did not process anything that was said (cough Data101 cough, excuse me).…

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"Write a blog post [...] about your previous/current experience with photography." hmm *Glances over at art degree and design degree* I guess you could say that I have some experience with the ART RELATED field of photography.Make no mistake though; I am by no means an expert in photography! Photography is so much more than just snapping a picture. It's a whole visual storytelling medium, and I've only just scratched the surface (as with every art medium). I'm a bit like a jack of all art trades, and a master of none. (Except for the art of being snarky. I…

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There's been a growing trend recently, and that's this sudden, (or maybe not so sudden) re-emergence of 80's pop culture. Even looking around campus I can't help but notice those who are wearing 80's inspired fashion. (Not me- 90's bell bottoms for life, man). All of this seems to have started a few years ago but is only now really picking up steam. A Modern take on the 80's theme can be seen in TV shows like Young Sheldon and The Goldbergs, which focus on family life in the 80's through the humorous narration of Sheldon Cooper and Adam Goldberg,…

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