In the name of the Moon, I will punish you! This week, we came up with candle scent names and created an alphabet mess, we captioned the 80's and took movie quotes out of context, we went on a nature walk and we drew a fictional friend.It's hard to pick a favorite daily create because they're all fun to do. My favorite discovery was 'Sledgehammer,' because even though I had heard the song before, I had never seen the video (or didn't remember it). The stop motion is incredible, and must have taken a very long time to do! My…

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This week, we celebrated 80's themed drinks and 80's icons, beloved pencils and Dot Day, and...college I guess? And we started a new trend talked about what trend we would start if we had that kind of power (what power? The power of voodoo (who do?) You do). My trend would be Victorian era fans, because Trinkle is a million degrees even in the middle of Summer. My favorite Daily Create was the themed drink, because I worked at a liquor store for 7 years! Customers would always ask us for recipes, and we had a recipe book with recipes…

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From Weird Science to Presidential Parodies, this has been quite the week for daily creates! We only had to do 3 this week, but I attempt to do 6 each week because they're really fun to do and I'm an over-achiever. Don't be too jelly T-Swift; I have to over-exert myself because I don't know how to calm down. My anxiety doesn't let me.(Why is it 6 and not 7? Because even I need one day to decompress from creative stuff). Daily Creates: #6 https://twitter.com/jupiter_pop/status/1172250056130514945 #5 https://twitter.com/jupiter_pop/status/1171892038507388929 #4 https://twitter.com/jupiter_pop/status/1171552346054283264 #3 https://twitter.com/jupiter_pop/status/1171157871612051456 #2 https://twitter.com/jupiter_pop/status/1170738399189307392 #1 https://twitter.com/jupiter_pop/status/1170374427701383169

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This has been a whirlwind of a semester so far! Daily creates, Assignment banks, Java types and data structures, and whatever this says: C = {f | f is a prime number and 0 < f < 10}. (I haven't had high school math since 2004, don't start introducing prime numbers into my life).But the most enjoyable part of my projects has been the daily creates because they are simple to do. Everyone can take 5 min. out of their day to post to the Daily Create. I even found myself posting more than the required amount of times. I'm…

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