THE DS106-ERS: A Goonies movie Mash-up

♪ Good enough
The mash-up is
Good enough
For me
The mash-up is good enough
It’s good enough for me
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪

Cyndi “Melody” Lauper

Ds106-ers never say die! This week, I mashed up ‘The Goonies‘ for the assignment Mash A Movie For DS106. Assignment details for this task are as follows:

“Download different scene clips from one movie to create a short commercial for DS106. Clip, trim and remix them to let people know what DS106 is all about and how they can find us at Challenge yourself to overdub the audio to have the characters saying DS106 where it would be appropriate.  Also try and add the DS106 logo onto an object in a scene. You can find an example at The DS106 Matrix.”

In thinking about this assignment and watching the example mash-up, I knew that I needed to choose an 80’s movie that was action/adventure, and preferably one that had female or children for the main leads, since I didn’t want to dub over a masculine voice (that might’ve been funny, but I thought it would’ve sounded too out of place). That narrowed down the movies considerably, since a lot of 80’s movies were either teen romance comedies, or action movies with male leads.

I chose ‘The Goonies,’ since it fit my criteria, and I could easily scrub through the scenes because I’ve seen it enough times that I knew what to look for. I then cut up scenes and put my selected clips together. Some of the scenes were quite long, so I cut them up even further and kept only the most important ideas from the scene, since I wanted to keep the movie under 3 min.

Next, I placed the DS106 logo in places over some scenes. Rather than choosing one place where the camera is still for 5 seconds (there really aren’t any still frames- the camera is constantly moving/panning/shaking I noticed), I chose a bunch of places to place the logo. Depending on the scene, I also changed the blending mode of the logo, i.e. for the map I did a color burn, for the jewels I added a glass effect, for the water I did a ripple blur, etc. I still don’t think that the logo looks natural- it looks more like a watermark, and if this were a longer project, I think I would have created my own textured logos to fit the scenes better. I also tried to move the logo in time with the camera, but that is really difficult to do and it wasn’t super effective. I’m not sure what a better solution would have been there, other than being more meticulous and going frame by frame.

I then added my recordings of “Ds106” to my project and layered them on top of the appropriate spots. I sped up my voice a bit and added certain effects like reverb to get my voice to sound like it’s coming from the cave where the characters are. I know my voice sounds nothing like any of the characters so naturally it doesn’t fit, but I at least wanted it to fit the surroundings.

I then added one last DS106 logo to the end to serve as a focal point for the characters (everyone is cheering because when they look out onto the water, they see Ds106). I thought it would be neat to have the logo rising up out of the water, so I created a mask over the logo by using the pen tool. To achieve the desired effect, I pressed the stopwatch on the mask path and on the position of the logo and then moved the two.

Screenshot of After Effects

Lastly, I timed the end clip to cut to black on the music’s climactic end beat by making two layers of the end scene- one with the visuals and the sound turned off, and one with just the audio. I then placed text layers at the very end and exported to Media Encoder.

Here is my final mash-up:

Working on this assignment was challenging because I got caught up in the technical aspects of trying to get the logo and audio to fit in seamlessly with the scenes. My solution was to add effects to the layers, but the audio and logo still feel out-of-place. I might have tried playing that up and taking a comical approach to the mash-up, since the added elements are so unnatural anyway.

Story-wise, I learned a lot about how film editors piece clips together to move the story along. I found natural places to cut with the shot/reverse shots, but it was still difficult to keep the music flowing naturally. ‘The Goonies’ in particular uses a lot of cinematic music to help tell the story, which is something to think about for future video projects. Overall, I enjoyed this project, but it was pretty tough to do! At some point I just had to say, “Good enough.”

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