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For my first video assignment of the week, I decided to Create A Commercial! The task for this assignment was to:

“Create a promotional commercial for an event or product that is coming out in the future. Once you have created the video post it to youtube and tag ds106.”

Instead of promoting an event or product, I decided to re-do my Reclaim Video commercial, only this time it would be in a format meant for TV instead of radio. I chose to create another Reclaim Video commercial because I had ideas on how I could make it better (and by better, I mean funnier) just by giving it that visual element.

I started by reworking my script so that it was more of a dialogue between two people rather than a promo said by one person. I chose to make those two people be myself because:
1) I have no one to ask to help out with acting. Sad I know.
2) I could keep filming and tie it into my second video project to conserve time and energy since I’m currently under the weather.
3) I think it’s funnier this way X’D

After I had my script, I started filming, first saying one half of the conversation, then the other half. Setting up my camera was difficult, as I don’t have pro tools so I just propped up my phone against a candle and set it on the mantle or couch, depending on which conversation I was filming. I recorded a bunch of times, but I still couldn’t get a consistent take, and the astute viewer will notice jumps. I had trouble remembering what I was supposed to say or what position I needed to stay in, and I often had to consult my script which led to weird cuts in post production. Even after looking at my script, I still couldn’t get the words out- my catchphrase isn’t even the same at the end! I think it works with the humor of the video though- especially where I cut to the NES box. I’m not even standing the right way when I hold out the box to make it look like the box suddenly appears, but at least the “bad editing” goes along with the 80’s theme.

I attempted to make my footage as seamless as I could in After Effects, but not even the best video editor could help my bad acting skills! I guess I’ll never make it big. After I cut and stitched all my clips together, I then added my Reclaim Video music to the parts where future me is talking, and I added the TV channel surfing sound effect to the part where I’m flipping through channels. The sound clips are a tad too short, and if I had had more time, I either would have found a different sound effect, or I would’ve made additional cuts.

Finally, I added text to the end and a cheesy star fade out just to add to the bad 80’s video theme. I had this idea in my head of a commercial that probably looked a lot more seamless than this, but filming and editing is a long process, and ain’t nobody got time for that!

I hope you at least get a laugh out of my commercial. Enjoy~

Reclaim Video Commercial:

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