♪ Still like that old time rock ‘n’ roll
That kind of design just soothes the soul
I reminisce about the days of old
With that old time rock ‘n’ roll ♪

Bob ‘Melody’ Seger

I took a risk in interpreting this next assignment: Minimalist TV/Movie Poster. The task for this project was to “create a tv/movie poster that captures the essence of the story through the use of minimalist design/iconography.”

I started this assignment by searching through a list of 80’s movies until I hit upon one that spoke to me. I wanted to find one that already had a fairly simple and iconic movie poster, and for me that movie was ‘Risky Business!’ The poster for this Tom Cruise classic already uses minimal elements to represent the movie: A face with sunglasses obscured by shadow, a hot girl on a fast car also obscured in shadow, and the title in a script font angled across the page. The design makes great use of negative space, and I wanted to do the same for my remix.

Movie Poster:

As I dived into the black void of ‘Risky Business,’ I started thinking about what elements represent the movie- sunglasses, fast cars, hot women, the eyes of Tom Cruise staring into your soul. All of these elements are already on the movie poster, and I didn’t want to just recreate the poster that already exists. So what makes ‘Risky Business’ iconic? I got it! The scene where Tom Cruise slides out onto the floor in nothing but a pink shirt and socks and starts lip-syncing “Old Time Rock and Roll.” This is a scene that everybody knows, even if you haven’t seen the movie (guilty).

To recreate this iconic scene by using minimalist design, I pulled up the scene on YouTube, paused it at the time that I wanted, and did a screenshot. I then brought the image up into Illustrator and did an image trace by limiting the colors to just 2 or 3. I exported this image to Photoshop. There, I brought colors back in by using the brush tool and the paint bucket tool. I decided on the colors pink (of course for Tom’s shirt) and a muted blue to contrast. I wanted the pink shirt to be the central focus, or the main iconic element. (I also used the values of black and white, and the bold pink color for the movie title). I upped the levels as one final adjustment, then exported my image back to Illustrator.

In Illustrator, I used Image Trace to turn my image back into a vector. I then used the pen tool to delete extraneous vector points, and to create clean angled lines in some areas and funky organic shapes in other areas. This was the trickiest part as Illustrator sometimes has a heart attack when you try to delete too many vector points. My program kept crashing, and it was a frustrating step to do in my process. Alternatively, I could have drawn the shapes from scratch with the pen tool, but that would have been just as time consuming.

Once I got to the near breaking point of my vector deleting sanity, I knew I was done.

Final minimalist design:

Now that’s some old time rock ‘n’ roll design that just soothes the soul!

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