I was inspired to try the assignment, Monologue Of A Household Tool from reading Blue Butterball’s post, What 80s Household Tool Am I? It made me think about all of the tools from the past that aren’t around anymore because they’ve been replaced by the latest and greatest thing. Technology is always replacing itself. It can be a little sad to think of these tools as personified beings. If ancient tools could talk, I’m sure that they would be telling us about how lonely and forgotten they are.

The details for this assignment were to “write a short inner monologue or narrative from the perspective of a household tool. It can be a blender, a circular saw, chair…anything you use around the house. Try to keep it vague so your reader has to think about what the tool is. For bonus points, throw in an image or a GIF of that tool’s perspective.” In thinking about our theme, I picked a certain tool that was used in the 80’s but is not used today, as it has been replaced with newer versions. I’m sure you can guess what tool it is.

Seeing the world through a nostalgia-colored lens,

I capture a moment. Christmas lights glitter on a pine tree and children are tearing at paper. I capture another. A father is playing outside with his daughters. Another. A guinea pig sits on a toy piano. Another. Sisters sit cross-legged on a brown carpeted floor with coloring books and crayons. The moment is over in a flash. I can capture another moment, but that too will fade away. I keep these brief moments stored within me. How will they look when viewed with future eyes? Did I capture a smile? A squint? A sneeze? I hope I did a good job. I cannot delete these moments from memory; I can only hold onto them for safekeeping. They must be kept dark like a secret. The memories will take a little time to develop, but be patient. You will get to hold these memories in your calloused hands and look at them with fondness before storing them away for safekeeping once more. But that is later. Today, I will capture these visual stories while revealing nothing.
click, flash
click, flash
click, flash
The roll is done.

July 1982

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