♪ Having Netflix problems I feel bad for you son
I got ninety nine channels and 80’s ain’t one ♪


Man I hate listening to commercials! Whenever I hear one, I immediately change the channel (or change the station). But for the project, Make Your Own Radio Commercial! I had to do what I hate and make a commercial! I had originally set out doing a different commercial assignment, namely the Fictional Radio Ad one, but my commercial didn’t fit the assignment description. Nor did it fit Kollin’s 80’S Product Radio Commercial assignment. I wasn’t creating a commercial for an 80’s product, nor was I creating a commercial for a business that doesn’t exist. My commercial is promoting a business that does exist! So for that reason, I regrettably had to go with the ‘Make Your Own Radio Commercial’ which has less stars for some arbitrary reason. (Can I change that)??

The task for this assignment is as follows:

“When you are driving in the car and a radio commercial comes on you might start to tune the radio out. But, if you were the person selling what the commercial was offering would you want people tuning it out or listening intently? Well, I would want people paying attention to my commercial! So, for this audio assignment pick a product or business you would like to promote and sell! Use a audio recording software such as soundcloud to record your commercial. Add in background music, edits, and provide full information of the business/product/services you are advertising. Try to create a radio commercial that grabs and maintains the audiences’ attention. On the side, write why you chose the object or business you are promoting and the process you used to create your commercial.”

I chose to promote Reclaim Video for this assignment because they are a fairly new and small local business that could use advertisement (and they fit our 80’s theme). I had no idea that this business existed until now, and so my goal was to give some promotion to this business that people may not know about (I certainly didn’t know about them). Reclaim video is a video rental store that highlights rentals of all things 80’s- VHS, Laserdiscs, Betamax, Atari, etc. They also seem to have a partnership or alliance of some kind with Reclaim Hosting, which provides hosting and resources for faculty and students.

I started this assignment by doing a little research. I went on Google to see their hours and location, I visited their website and watched their video, I went on their blog and explored their ‘behind the scenes’ type of info., I looked at their about page, and I looked up Reclaim Hosting. I’ll admit that I was at first confused when I visited Reclaim Video’s website; I didn’t understand what they were about, even after watching the video (is this store real? Do they actually rent out old videos, or is this a spoof because they’re talking about domain spaces? Are these two different companies, or the same company? Huh)? Their website is pretty creative though via the interactive elements, and I enjoyed clicking on all the buttons even if I didn’t fully understand the company.

After gathering material, I recorded myself in my best promotional voice and added it to Reclaim Video’s music from their intro video for consistency. I then searched for TV sound effects for the lead in to my commercial- I wanted a channel surfing sound before the line, “there’s nothing to watch.” I also played with the Effects tool in audacity, namely pitch and speed, to get my promo voice to sound different from the “there’s nothing to watch” voice. It probably would have been more effective if I had had another voice to record instead of just me, myself, and I, but I made do with my limited people resources.

After playing with effects, I clipped my audio down to 45 seconds, since commercials are usually about 30-45 seconds. Here’s my final result:

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