This week we were tasked with creating social media accounts, setting up a WordPress site, introducing ourselves using various social media tools, sharing our thoughts about the 80's, and writing this weekly summary. Here's what I first thought when I read everything we had to do this week: AHHHHHH. After I calmed down, I gave myself a pep talk and convinced myself that I would indeed be able to juggle all of my classes once I started. First I got all of my social media accounts up and running. The only account I didn't already have was Soundcloud (because I…

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There's been a growing trend recently, and that's this sudden, (or maybe not so sudden) re-emergence of 80's pop culture. Even looking around campus I can't help but notice those who are wearing 80's inspired fashion. (Not me- 90's bell bottoms for life, man). All of this seems to have started a few years ago but is only now really picking up steam. A Modern take on the 80's theme can be seen in TV shows like Young Sheldon and The Goldbergs, which focus on family life in the 80's through the humorous narration of Sheldon Cooper and Adam Goldberg,…

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Chapter 1: Twitter Twitter was probably the easiest intro to make since there are only so many characters you can use to say what you want to say. I already had most of these accounts set up, but I never used them. I almost exclusively use Facebook for sharing pictures or stories. Why say a thing four times when you can just say it once! That's my personal motto, but I did make different intro's for this post. https://twitter.com/jupiter_pop/status/1166478046108540928 Chapter 2: SoundcloudI've never used soundcloud before; I always thought that soundcloud was only for people who made music. I'm not…

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